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Promoting a Well-Balanced Home.

Promoting a Well-Balanced Home.

Promoting a Well-Balanced Home.Promoting a Well-Balanced Home.

Promoting a Well-Balanced Home.

Promoting a Well-Balanced Home.

Promoting a Well-Balanced Home.Promoting a Well-Balanced Home.Promoting a Well-Balanced Home.

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Feng Shui Design and Art


Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui provides us with the tools we need for living a healthy, purposeful, and fulfilling life. Living with passion, love, and joy is easier when you have the perfect solutions to achieve and promote your desires. Feng Shui helps us create a balanced home, enhancing growth towards a healthy lifestyle.


The Process

Your home, office, and garden reflect your current state of being.  Keeping your spaces clutter-free allows you to feel less overwhelmed. Surrounding yourself with your favorite colors, fabrics, art, and accessories makes you feel safe. The proper placements of your furnishing gives you a great sense of balance. Feng Shui is a lifestyle, begin this process by decluttering your spaces, surround yourself with  the things that bring you pleasure. Learn about the art of Placement to maximize balance.   


Healing Art Class

Art is a fun, creative, and engaging way to achieve  wellness.  Our art classes are designed to teach: how the use of colors affect our lives, how to use colors to promote passion, health, love, and balance.  Every class will feature a new media, color, and theme. Taking home a work of art that will trigger and move us in a positive direction is our goal.    



Designing on purpose

Linda Adams is a licensed Interior Designer with over 30 years of experience. Her passion for design, art, and Feng Shui has inspired her to create a form of design that incorporates all of her gifts and talents.  Helping homeowners create spaces that reflects who they are and all they desire and deserve.. Designing with a purpose allows you to use your space as a interactive  vision board, holding visual representations of all we desire  for yourselves and your families.  


Interactive Vision Board.

Creating an Interactive vision board is the best way to integrate good design and practical Feng Shui. principles. Feng Shui is about creating pure balance and attracting the 9 virtues that brings harmony into our lives. The 9 virtues for a well-balanced life are; Passion, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Spirituality, Love, Joy, Trust and Balance. Your home or space is divided into the 9 areas known as the Bagua.  Colors, symbols, and intentions are placed in each area as a physical reminder of living  a healthy, happy and abundant life..  

Feng Shui Design:

The Art of Placement

Our spaces are where we relax, reboot and refresh, in order to be energized and productive, The Art of placement maximizes balance, and flow. The proper placement of your furniture art, and accessories promotes clarity, and foc allowing us to  know how to best approach any situations with great ease and understanding. 




Complete Feng Shui Design Service: $360

  1. Assessments and evaluation of your spaces.
  2. Individual assessment and personal Trigram.
  3. Space is defined into the 9 areas.
  4. Clearing and removal of all negative flow. 
  5. Programming your space for maximizing clarity.
  6. Proper placement of furniture, art and accessories.
  7. Solutions and cures for all 9 areas and virtues
  8. Keeping focused on your current needs.

Space Clearing and Feng Shui service: $180

  1. Solutions and cures for the 9 virtues
  2. Individual assessment (does not include trigram).
  3. Clearing the energy.
  4. Solutions and cures for the 9 areas and  virtues.

Feng Shui Group Class $90 per person min. 4 people

The class is designed to teach Linda's Feng Shui design techniques and process. This class is based on Interior design and Feng Shui principles to help you get started on creating a better balanced home..

  1. Learn about the 9 virtues and where they are represented in your home or space.
  2. Take the  assessment test and see what areas to focus on.
  3. Learn how and when to clear your spaces.
  4. The importance of clutter control.
  5. How to use colors, elements, and intentions. 
  6. Solutions and cures for all areas of your home.

All you need is  your floor plan and an open mind. 

The 9 Feng Shui virtue cards $15.00

The 9 Feng Shui virtue cards are designed with all the information you need for programing and creating a home which holds all you desire for you and your family.. These cards are a great way to incorporate Feng Shui in a fun and easy to use, providing a solution for; the 9 vital  virtues; Passion, Wisdom, Health, Gratitude, Spirituality, Love, Joy and Truth.  


Thank God I found you. I love my space. It makes me feel safe knowing I'm in control of my life, and my home. Linda, I look forward to our yearly touch up. it is  simple and easy to understand! "Anna"