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Promoting Health, Wellness and Fun

Promoting Health, Wellness and Fun

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Linda Adams

Feng Shui


Feng Shui helps us choose to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Living with passion, purpose and joy is easier when you have the perfect tools to achieve and promote your desires. Feng Shui helps us creating a balanced home enhancing growth towards a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. 

Sound Bath Reiki


Sound Bath Reiki is a meditative and restorative way to achieve peace, while balancing your subtle body. Crystal bowls sounds produce a deep relaxing mental and physical sense of wellness. Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions. In order to reduce stress, remain clear and focused, become more balanced, we need to meditate, tune in and play.

Healing Art Class


Art is a fun, creative, and engaging way to achieve  wellness.  Our art classes are designed to teach: how the use of colors affect our lives, how to use colors to promote passion, health, love, and balance.  Every class will feature a new media, color, and theme. Taking home a work of art that will trigger and move us in a positive direction is our goal.    

Other Services Available

Move, Meditate and Manifest!


Linda and Eve have designed this practice to incorporate Yoga, Sound Bath Meditation and Feng Shui Manifest, This is a fun 1 hour session to stimulate, motivate and teach you to enhance your desires. (click on events to get a full description).

Chakra Stone Healing


Tibetan  chakra balancing.

Age with Grace


Tracy will customize your teatment.

About Us



Linda Adams is a licensed Interior Designer with over 30 years of experience. Her passion for design, art, and Feng Shui has inspired her to create a space for learning, relaxing, and playing. Linda and her husband Todd recently purchased a home with 10 Oak-filled acres here in beautiful Vero Beach.  Both have decided that their home and land will be loved and shared with the purpose of bringing peace, joy and balance to everyone who comes to enjoy one of the classes offered. .  


It started as a joke!

Settling into their home and land, Todd asked Linda " What do you want to do now? She replied "I want to do Goat Yoga" .The crooked smile on his face inspired Linda to move forward with bringing activities to their home and land in order to inspire health and wellbeing to everyone.  Goats are coming sooon.


We need to play more.

Sound Bath, Reiki, Art, and Feng Shui are all activities to help us have a better quality of life. Designed to inspire us to pursue peace, joy, and balance. Linda and Todd know how stressful our lives can get. Managing ourselves our children and our work can get overwhelming. Taking time to learn and play is vital to our mental, physical and creative self.. We joyfully invite you to have fun with us. 

Yoga Instructor

Evangeline Schober

Being a late bloomer to Yoga, In 2014 my physician advised me to quit my job, do yoga, and meditate. I laughed.. I  was running 10km a day, worked out at the gym, was super fit, ate healthy but was STRESSED beyond belief!   Once I started Yoga, I was hooked. I sold my home, put everything in storage, and moved to Florida. I fell in love,, got married, and took my yoga certification training. I was on the path of self discovery, finally the true Eve emerged..  My Yoga business grew, my cooking business flourished, they became my focus and passion. YOGA is whatever you NEED at that very MOMENT. Being in the moment listening to your heart beat, and breathing yourself into alignment.   Allow me the pleasure of joining you on your Yogic Path and finding your True Authentic Self..

Namaste, Evangeline

Ying/Yang all levels

This practice stimulates the meridians, bringing balance to the organs in the body, improves flexibility and joint mobility, reduces stress and anxiety, calms & balances the Mind and body. Majority of the poses stay close to the mat.

Using props to hold poses longer, works deeper on the connective tissue(fascia, tendons & ligaments), being in the moment and being able to connect with your breath on a deeper level. The ability to release all the tension from the day and indulge in your 30 minute practice and surrendering to a 10 minute sound bath meditation during your Savasana

Traditional Yoga All levels

Traditional Yoga w/modifications(All Levels)

Beginners welcome, warming up our body with our Sun Salutations, starting in seated or standing, Utilizing our breath(Pranayama),posture(Asana) & Dristi(Focus) throughout our practice to create strength, flexibility and concentration. Inspired by Ashtanga( classical yoga), a 30 minute practice to start your day and end with a 10 minute sound bowl meditation during Savasana  

Groups Welcomed


Team Building Workshop

Here at “ Goats Under the Oaks” we provide your company with a unique team building opportunity: Experience the benefits of Yin yoga. Create and collaborate on an art piece for your office. Experience a Sound Bath for a deep meditation, stress release and balance. Build a better team.    

Ladies Group

Have fun with your friends, We can customize your day to help you relax, create and learn to live a happy, healthy  life. 

Mothers and Daughters

There is no stronger bond than a mother and daughter, Having three beautiful daughters myself, teaching them about balance, having fun, being creative and enjoying nature has made them well balance young ladies. This class is designed to create a stronger bond by collaborating on an art piece together, learning to relax and meditate and enjoying a stroll on our Oak-filled land.

Bachelorette parties

Time to destress right before your big event. Meditation, Yoga and a Creative art class will help you be more calm, focused, and centered, Knowing you are loved and supported by your loved ones for the biggest day of your life will help you feel at ease..  We will customize your event! 

We can customize your event!

Call to make your reservations:. Linda @ 772-342-0387.

About our Staff

Feng shui instructor


Linda  Adams, a licensed Interior Designer, Feng Shui Consultant and Reiki Master, combines all of her knowledge to help you create your best life!  

Yoga Teacher


Evangeline Schober, a certified Yoga  teacher and  professional chef, will help you find your inner and outer strength for better balance, peace, and fitness..

Age with Grace


Tracy Henson is British trained esthetician. Teaching us techniques for self care